Blake’s Seven is ready for tv comeback

IF you understand what I’m talking about when I say the words Gan, Orac, Zen and Federation, then you will have felt a tremor in the force this week.
It seems that Sky are having a go at bringing back Blake’s Seven. If this comes to anything it would be fantastic as the original – way back in the 70s and 80s – was tremendous.

As a kid I loved it and as an adult, I can now appreciate the subtleties it employed behind the action.
Leaving aside all the shaky sets and garbage special effects, the series was groundbreaking.
B7 (as some marketing whiz at Sky has already no doubt called it during a thought jacuzzi) introduced revolutionary concepts like a story arc running across the series, the main villain being female, and took the idea of a morally conflicted hero to new levels with the likes of Blake, Avon and – my favourite – Vila, the cowardly thief.
It did still have some genre staples, like various space babes too, but they were usually gunslingers or some such, not the vacuous bimbos Captain Kirk routinely saved.
In The Liberator, it also had one of the genre’s most kick-ass spaceships. Hands up if you had one of the little Dinky toys, where the plastic ends of the three prongs would always snap off.
Sky’s success in updating Battlestar Galactica – which includes many of the same dramatic techniques and dark tone as B7 – has me feeling that something good could be around the corner.
Bringing back Blake has been tried before without success, but here’s hoping.

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