Judge Dredd in Mega City One image by Gary Erskine is stunning

Mega City One and Judge Dredd, by Gary Erskine

Zarjaz! That is beautiful, just beautiful.

This tremendous picture was put together by artist Gary Erskine and the love for Judge Dredd and Mega City One shines through in every pixel.

On his blog – where this was unveiled – he said: “The Sergio Leone close up of Dredd is a deliberate attempt to force a contrast of scale to image and there is more than a passing nod to Blade Runner, Fifth Element and AKIRA too.

“A bit of work trying to pull in all the seperate elements and lots of colour correcting but done for the day. Pleased with final version and not bad considering it was completed over a Saturday afternoon and early evening.”

On my blog I say I wish I was talented enough to shrug this off as a few hours of work and kudos to you sir, for giving geeks like me such a thrill. Splundig Vur Thrigg!!

Thanks to io9 for the heads up

One thought on “Judge Dredd in Mega City One image by Gary Erskine is stunning

  • egrommet


    I think the first word of your post sums it all up – Zarjaz indeed.
    (Tharg note: This should stop people thinking about the awful film version, but should be viewed to the Manics' Judge Yourself track)

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