Why I must have Abbyshot’s David Tennant Doctor Who coat (now with vote)

AMONG HIS many accolades as Doctor Who, David Tennant has certainly been the best dressed Doctor with his pinstripe suits, Converse boots and tan overcoat.

So when I happened across the Abbyshot website – almost by accident – the squeeee valve in my brain started sounding like a factory klaxon and hasn’t stopped since.

Tenth Doctor's coatFeast your eyes on what is a beautiful replica of the tenth Doctor’s tan crombie coat.

It is one of several fantastic looking coats on their site including Deckard’s from Blade Runner, Wolverine’s leather jacket and Nathan Fillion’s famous Browncoat.

But the Doctor’s coat is the one I keep coming back to.

Is it wrong that I would sell my wife and kids into slavery to get it?

Would paying the admittedly massive  £200 plus price to have it made and then shipped from Canada where Abbyshot are based take my scyfi love too far? It is a hell of a lot of money for a coat.

Would I be buying it because it looks nice or because whenever I wear it, the childlike part of me (about 95% last time I checked) would pretend I was the Doctor (albeit a sturdier version) at least 27 times a day (no doubt including standing in front of the mirror and swishing it behind me)?

Should I really be buying a jacket with leather patches on the sleeve, as that is what Matt Smith will be wearing?

Would it be my way of compensating for never getting the full size Millennium Falcon toy I was desperate for when I was a kid by splurging out now?

And will Pam divorce me when I explain to her why I want it so?

I don’t know and quite frankly, I don’t care.(except for the Pam bit – I’m locking the doors as I write this!)

But in the interests of interactivity and fairness, help me out with a vote.

2 thoughts on “Why I must have Abbyshot’s David Tennant Doctor Who coat (now with vote)

  • Aaron Pynn


    Hope you get the coat. I was at a sci-fi con today and picked up the 10th doctor coat from Abbyshot Clothier personal(yay for being in Canada)

    ts incredible quality and very very worth it. The painting of Boba Fett is cool and all but the jacket is art you can proudly take anywhere with you.

    Cheers from a fellow Who fan and proud owner of the coat

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