New picture – Doctor Who Matt Smith in costume, plus companion Karen Gillan

HERE’S the first on set picture of new Doctor Who Matt Smith in costume and assistant Karen Gillan on set.

Matt Smith as Doctor Who, with companion Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillen

What do you think? The bow tie, the jacket, the boots – a bit geography teacher? Henry Jones Jnr? Geek chic? Will blog on this later, but would welcome your thoughts.

Karen’s character name has also been revealed – Amy Pond. Again, your thoughts are welcomed but my first impressions are positive. They look good together.

The full story is over at The Beeb.

I also blogged on the first image of the pair in Cardiff.

3 thoughts on “New picture – Doctor Who Matt Smith in costume, plus companion Karen Gillan

  • M. A. Szadkowski


    Only non-geeks have trouble seeing Matt Smith’s Doctor Who garb as perfect for him; those who find it wrong never met (you already brought it up) Indiana Jones or my eighth grade geography teacher – that man made bow ties sexy too. Why sexy? It’s not the putting-on…. it’s the untying part, especially if the wearer is unaware of how attractive it is…. call me nuts, but geeks are cool. Nothing more attractive than a good looking man who isn’t aware that he is….

  • Orange Monkey


    Very blue Tardis, quite garwky look, it's all very interesting. Oh, but who's that a picture of later in the photo gallery. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!

  • It's like a blend of Troughton and Davison – but the most obvious comparison is the one you've already mentioned, that of Indy in college professor mode.

    Reckon there'll be a pair of glasses knocking around somewhere to finish the whole ensemble off. I like it.

    It must get trickier and trickier for a costume designer to come up with a distinctive 'Doctorish' look for each new bloke taking on the job, without borrowing from what's gone before.

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