New Doctor Who The Waters of Mars trailer – with extra Catherine Tate and Bernard Cribbins

WITH all the fuss, not least on this blog, about the new Doctor Who Matt Smith, it is easy to forget the current Doctor still has some time to go before his song ends for good.

Here’s the latest trailer for The Waters of Mars, with lots of extra stuff if you watch to the end.

Clearly that is the Master’s Ring (and the master as a kid) – picked up from his ashes at the end of Last of the Time Lords. With Donna and Wilf in there too (Bernard Cribbins – brilliant!), does that mean all the rumours about Donna’s shiny, shiny ring were true?

I guess we will find out and while I have been against Donna coming back, I can’t deny that having seen just how good Russell T Davies’s work was on Torchwood: Children of Earth, I am excited to see what he does for David Tennant’s finale.

Whatever it is, he said in his book The Writer’s Tale that he thought of David’s last words as the Doctor waaay back in 2007.

Any suggestions?

4 thoughts on “New Doctor Who The Waters of Mars trailer – with extra Catherine Tate and Bernard Cribbins

  • Galasriniel


    Um that isn’t an official bbc trailer.. it’s by Seduff. Yes, she is brilliant enough to make it look authentic but I think this is just based on rumours. Plus the clip of the Master opening his eyes is actually from a show called Life On Mars xD
    p.s. Seduff is fantastic, look on youtube 🙂

  • Orange Monkey


    It will all reach a brink then the Doctor will come up with a giant kill switch to bring everything back to normal. Then, after that, I'll feel cheated again by that bloody screwdriver.
    I'm sorry, but it really needed some fresh blood now, not when Davies finishes this run of shows.
    The flying bus at Easter and the finale when Donna flicked a, wait for it, giant bloody switch to save the day finished me off.

  • Robin Brown


    Russell just doesn't seem able to leave past creations alone does he? I'm glad Cribbins is back, but Donna's story came to such an emphatic and effective end it seems like a waste. I also expect just about everyone from the last four years to come back in the last episodes.

    Still, WoM looks spooky which is always good.

    Tennant's last words? Something superlative I expect.

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