New Doctor Who trailer for The Waters of Mars

THE new Waters of Mars trailer has been put out by the BBC, so in case you haven’t seen it, I’ll put it on here.

This is looking more and more creepy, with no hint of the jokey ‘Alons-y!’ perkiness of Tennant’s Doctor. He is facing his own mortality as he knows his death is approaching.

Plus, he goes on in the trailer about some things being fixed in time – ‘what happens here must always happen’ – but he said the same thing in Pompeii and still saved the Roman family from certain death.

So what? So either he has to stand by and let people die because time says so, or anything could happen.

One way of the other, it should make for cracking viewing.

I love the bit too where the woman – what’s her name again? – says what happens? It wouldn’t be much of a show if he told you would it love?

“Well, you know Dave? Dead meat. And don’t book any holidays with Karen – she’ll never pay. But in the end we just turn up the heaters so the water evapourates – simple really.” Cue end titles.

One thought on “New Doctor Who trailer for The Waters of Mars

  • Robin Brown


    I'll be more that happy not to see any of Tennant's excesses again, and will quite enjoy seeing the Tenth Doctor having the rug pulled fro underneath him.

    Proper creepy, frightening Doctor Who. Brilliant.

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