More Christmas present ideas for science fiction fans

Dr Grordbort did make exceptionally fine lasers

AFTER my earlier post which was rammed with top DVD choices for science fiction present ideas for sci-fi geeks, I thought I’d spread my net a bit wider this time out.

Here are some gift ideas that go beyond the usual and for which your friend or other half will love you forever.

Dr Grordbort’s infallible aether oscillators

Dr Grordbort's laser gunsIN other words, steam punk style laser guns made for kicks by the geniuses at Weta Workshops in New Zealand.

These are truly things of beauty and vary in price from the miniature versions, such as the Goliathon 83 at around £20-30, to the full size replicas, like the Righteous Bison Indivisible Particle Smasher, roughly costing £80.

If you really want to go for it and get a gun made from wood and metal instead of plastic and vinyl, there is always the Unnatural Selector blunderbuss – weighing in at a jaw dropping £2700.

Although as there are only 20-odd left to buy from only 50 that were made, it’s a fair bet you won’t see too many kicking around.

Worlds of Tomorrow: The Amazing Universe of Science Fiction Art

This is a compendium of 300 pieces of the “pulp fiction” art that graced the covers of science fiction in the early years of science fiction of the 1930, ’40s, and ’50s, when bug-eyed monsters, rocket ships, and scantily-clad women were the way to push the work into the hands of teenage boys.

A fantastic surprise gift and one that would keep the most hardcore sci-fi quiet for hours. It can be hard to get hold of, but is available at a range of prices (from £5 up to more than £100) from Amazon – click here for more info on buying it.

Last Exit To Nowhere T-Shirts

Last Exit To Nowhere

I have blogged on Last Exit To Nowhere before, but remain amazed and impressed by their range of clothes for the uber-geek who doesn’t like his references to be too obvious.

For the unitiated, their inspiration for their clothes is taken from films and TV shows, but they aren’t about those shows. For instance, instead of a T Shirt saying how great Blade Runner is, there is one from the Tyrell Corporation and another advertising life on the offworld colonies.

New ones include the Delos t-shirt taken from Westworld and Benthis Petroleum T-shirt (from The Abyss).

There are now a range of imitators but these guys are the original and still the best. Check them out here.

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