Taking on Tom Baker’s Ultimate Sci-Fi Quiz

THERE are times when every scy-fi geek must face …. the ultimate challenge.

I have just faced mine, in Tom Baker‘s Ultimate Sci-Fi Quiz, an interactive DVD which promises out of this world family fun (even though, wisely, it has a single player mode).

Before you start, let me clear up right out of the gate that it was given to me in work by a colleague who received it through the post.

Linked with the Sci-Fi channel, and boasting the production values and budget of a 1970s Eastern European porn film, you are the captain of the SS Hawking, which falls through a black hole and can only get back to Earth by answering questions.

Tom Baker's Ultimate Sci-Fi QuizLeaving aside the unlikely scenario, those questions are posed by the legendary Tom Baker, whose face on the box looks like you’ve just burst in on him and Mrs Baker playing hide the TARDIS or Doctor Who and the Naughty Companion.

His costume also makes me think he must have sacked his agent shortly after this was filmed.

Obviously, Baker is the best thing about the game by several miles because it is just so great to hear his voice.

Even clunking through terrible jokes about shoulderpads for the 1980s round, or whether things compute for the round on robots, he displays such charm that it is impossible not to go along for the ride.

I’d like a word with the Sci-fi channel researcher who put the questions together though. For the record, Klingon is not spelt Kilingon, and the actor who played Data in Star Trek was not Brent Spinner, nor was the captain of the Enterprise John Luke Picard

On top of that, Buck Rogers was not marooned in the 21st century with a robot companion called Tweaky!

But hey, despite all that it was an easy way to waste half an hour if you’re absolutely desperate for faux company and ‘challenging’ questions.

To whet your appetite, here’s a selection: (answers in invisotext after each question)

In The Blob, the creature has a fear of what? water

Final Fantasy sees Earth invaded by what aliens? Spirits

Serenity is based on what TV show? Firefly

V for Vendetta takes its premise from which historical character? Guy Fawkes

In the Man Who Fell To Earth, an alien sets up a business to do what? Pay for a spaceship to be built so he can return home

Tom Baker’s Ultimate Sci-Fi Quiz – available from me, now, to anyone who wants it.

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2 thoughts on “Taking on Tom Baker’s Ultimate Sci-Fi Quiz

  • orange Monkey


    Shite. I'd kick arse on a horror quiz though. The Final Fantasy question needs more elements to make to work – I've played 12 of the damn things, Every story is the different.

  • I got this as my "gag" gift from dad a couple of Christmases ago but haven't tried it yet. I'm thinking it may be perfect for a drunken gathering of geeky chums!

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