New Doctor Who Matt Smith scene (adults only)

THIS scene may have been smuggled out of Cardiff and gives a real insight into the direction Steven Moffat is taking Doctor Who with Matt Smith.

Or it could be a deleted scene from In Bruges, found by @james_blue_cat which @graham_bandage told me about on Twitter. (It is). Be warned though – this is not for the squeamish.

Whoa!! The Doctor’s a stone cold killer!! When I first watched this in work I had no idea what it was about, and Matt Smith’s work made me swear with shock.

Whether the visitors to my work noticed the idiot say ‘Holy F##k!’ as they walked past I don’t know, but they had the good grace to ignore me.

Looking at this clip, while I don’t think the Doctor will be escaping dangerous situations by chopping someone’s head off with a machete (it would be a HUGE change by The Moff if he did), it still shows the kid looks to have the acting chops to pull this off.

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