Remembering the BBC Radiophonic workshop

IF you follow this link:

you’ll find a nice feature the Beeb have written about their Radiophonic Workshop.

This was the room where some of the most iconic noises and themes were created for Auntie (most famously Doctor Who), and the people who worked there were true pioneers, starting from scratch at a time when the typical sci-fi sound effect was a high pitched whine, that changed in tempo slightly.

i.e “What’s that … light … coming out of the woods?”

whine whine whine whine!

Their reward was to be disbanded and shut down in 1993 by Auntie, after 40-odd years of excellence. Which makes it a bit rich that the Beeb’s website should be coming over all misty-eyed now.

Still, it’s still nice stuff with some good videos too.

And as I’m feeling generous, I’ll throw in this link too, for some Doctor Who sounds. I know, I’m too good to you!

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