BBC Day of the Triffids video gets my hopes up for mini-series

THE BBC has released a few clips from their remake of Day of the Triffids, starring Dougray Scott and Eddie Izzard.

So far this has been almost entirely under the radar, what with all the Doctor Who hoopla, so it is good to see that it looks suitably creepy.

Click through for the clip.

Day of the Triffds Clip: “Security Breach” from AO on Vimeo.

What do you think? Certainly seems to have more of a budget than the early 1980s one and I suspect it will be a bit more crash bang too, although I liked the eerie stillness of that version which was unsettling and very atmospheric, as were the frankly terrifying opening credits.

I’d say the key will be when we get to see one of the Triffids, which the Beeb have wisely kept hidden so far.

Again, as a child I was absolutely terrified of the version in the 1980s version which was just a suit on a go cart as it turned out but gave me the chills as I have said before.

All in all though, I am looking forward to December 28 and 29 when it is broadcast on BBC One.

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