Mass Effect 2 trailer looks spectacular for gamers

AS an XBOX gamer, Mass Effect is one of my favourite games, so this trailer for Mass Effect 2 has got me jumping.

If you haven’t played it, Mass Effect involves your character – Commander Shepherd – building a multi-species team of soldiers, psychics (or biotics as the game calls them) and technology experts and heading out into space to fight the evil Saren for control of ancient but massively advanced technology.

It was massively complex with all kinds of side quests and choices for your character to make, which would then influence how the game panned out – sort of like Knights of the Old Republic with modern graphics and scope. Click through for the trailer.

The fact that the voices we hear in the trailer are Martin Sheen and Tricia Helfer tells me they haven’t skimped on the production values, while the graphics and gameplay have definitely stepped up a notch.

I’m also hoping the character dynamics are just as good as in the first game, where you got to build up real and immersive relationships with your team members through conversation, adding a whole new dimension to the gameplay.

Fingers crossed that the drive in my XBOX holds out too, so I don’t have to send it off to be fixed again, losing hours of time spent playing the game, like last time!

Mass Effect 2 comes out in 2010.

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