Richard Curtis to write Doctor Who and some Doctor Who sitcoms

ANYONE else out there nervous about Richard Curtis writing for Who?

I was completely blind-sided because if I had a wishlist of guest writers, Mr Curtis would not be on it.

Can he still cut it? I mean, the ending of Blackadder Goes Forth was genius, but that was 20 years ago and new Who routinely scales those heights.

Nowadays we are more used to tripe like Notting Hill, The Ship That Rocked and Love Actually. Twee, middle class, dinner party snooze fests.

I’ve said before that I have faith in the Moff, so this is filed under the extreme wait and see file.

To help Richard along, he could do worse than look at the #doctorwhositcom thread on Twitter.

Some of them are top class and here is a selection of the best, with links to the people who suggested them.

Graske of the Summer Wine

The Love Boe (that one’s mine!)

The Ood Couple (me too)

Ogron All Hours

Steptoe and Sontaron

Drop The Dead Dalek

The UNIT Crowd

Robin’s Nestene

Not Going Out of the TARDIS until atmosphere and radiation levels have been checked.

The Autons Family (me too)

Got any more?

3 thoughts on “Richard Curtis to write Doctor Who and some Doctor Who sitcoms

  • Jamie Mc


    Terry and Judoon

  • Orange Monkey


    With a good script editor I think it will be fine. Curtis overwrites stuff these days which is where the trouble comes from. A tight 45 minutes though and it should work.

    I admit I could be very, very wrong about this

  • Robin Brown


    Stunt commissioning.

    I had No Rills, but I don't think No Frills is famous enough for it to make much sense.

    Also Green Death WIng.

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