First Mute concept art from Duncan Jones’s next film

WHEN I interviewed Duncan Jones for the blog earlier this year, he mentioned his next film would be called Mute, set in a future version of Berlin (hopefully, if Moon worked out ok).

Seeing as Moon worked out more than ok, Mute has received the green light. Duncan has now put out some concept art of how the film will look and feel.

Concept art from Mute, the new film by Duncan Jones

Looks good eh – damp, run down, neon-ish, a sexy girl. In our chat (have I mentioned I interviewed him? ;-D) he described Mute as a hard-edged noir thriller, which will be – he hopes – a worthy successor to Blade Runner, one of his favourite films.

Duncan added: “Moon is a very quiet, intimate film about alienation and loneliness. The next film will have a closer spiritual kinship to Blade Runner than anyone else has managed to pull off.

“I really feel I know something about the spirit of BR that no one else gets, and I hope to capture that in my film.”

Duncan has already done a man’s job with Moon, and looking at this picture below from Blade Runner, he seems to be well on the way with Mute, in looks at least.

Los Angeles, as seen in Blade Runner

Los Angeles, as seen in Blade Runner

Here’s hoping he brings some of Moon’s sharp character work and storytelling to the party too, mixed with the old Blade Runner magic.