Chuck creator Scott Rosenbaum to make sci-fi western TV series

WHEN I heard Scott Rosenbaum was making a new TV western set in space, my geek alarm went into overdrive, although I’m not sure why.

The untitled sci-fi series is described as an “epic western with a sci-fi twist.” The story will follow a “gunslinger caught between worlds” with a nod or two to Planet of the Apes.

However, it’s not like we’ve not been here before – Serenity was a western in all but name, Han Solo was a gunslinger, Jonah Hex did it, as did Apollo in the original BSG, and who could forget Battle Beyond the Stars (a Magnificent Seven remake, complete with star of the original Robert Vaughan and … erm … John Boy from The Waltons).

Indeed, vast swathes of science fiction can be seen as a directly descended from the American ethos of manifest destiny, heading out into and conquering the mysterious other in a harsh and strange landscape – except with aliens standing in for Indians.

That’s your Battlestar Galactica right there, Star Trek too, both of which have already tapped into that tribal urge to explore the vast unknown of the final frontier, with an SF twist. So why the excitement?

For one, I love Chuck in a big way and would be excited to see Rosenbaum’s take on this area, given his clear understanding of and love for sci-fi and all things geek. (Although what it means for the under-pressure nerd-herders I’m not sure)

Second, given Firefly’s untimely end on TV (even with its big screen redemption) sci-fi westerns can be filed under unfinished business on the small screen. I think that done well, it would be massively popular and entertaining too.

Third, with nothing like this around at the moment, there’s a big space cowboy-shaped hole in my TV schedule.

Finally, it’s cowboys. In space. With aliens. And probably robot horses. And laser guns and stuff. What’s not to love?

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