Top five Star Wars lightsaber fan films – plus a bonus sixth!

YOU know those pathetic so-called blog posts where the blogger just pulls together some vidoes or pictures with the odd word or two to link them together?

I’ve seen loads of them lately and I thought … I could do that too. Why should those guys have it easy?

So, here are five Star Wars lightsaber fan films thrown together from You Tube – some funny, some a bit lame, and some really cool and a tribute to everyone involved.

And all of them make me wonder if the people behind these films get what Star Wars is all about, why doesn’t George Lucas anymore? Feel free to link to any other vids you have seen in the comments.

Star Wars 90210

Funny stuff

But these guys are the shizzle.

And the Ho Brothers are ever shizzier.

And a bonus pick from an – admittedly brief – ramble through You Tube.

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