V reboot looks increasingly doomed

I BLOGGED a while back about why I thought the reboot of V would not be as good as the original.

It seems like the TV execs behind the show are feeling the same way, I am afraid to say.

First off, it went on a production break – supposedly to sort out some creative difficulties over the scripting and bring in Scott Peters as showrunner. When that break was supposed to end (a couple of days ago) it was extended until the middle of October.

Given that the series was due to start on November 3, that cannot be good. It shows a major lack of faith in V before it has even been broadcast.

However, further bad news came when it was announced the network now plans to show V for four weeks and then take it off air, leaving nine episodes in the bag until next year.


Now, I am no TV studio expert but it seems to me that with the show on a production break, this is a death knell for its chances.

The studio, according to IO9, says the split is to protect V from the winter Olympics and American Idol. This is hardly a ringing endorsement.

It seems to me that it is being treated in this shabby way because the suits think it is a bag of sanctimonious , coffee house, moralising crap that was doomed from the beginning. (pretty much my original blog post)

Either way, I feel sorry for the people involved in the show and will be amazed if it survives past the first four shows, apart from on DVD.

Your thoughts?

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