Moon Sam Rockwell Oscar nomination – I hold my own in Brick Hardmeat’s video appeal

LIKE many other people around the world, I was blown away by Sam Rockwell‘s magnificent performance in Moon, as Sam Bell.

In fact I was so moved, I have lent my support to @manmademoon, (read my interview with him here) @unklerupert and his cohorts in the campaign to earn Sam a richly deserved Oscar nomination. Here’s the good Unkle’s blog about the self same thing and Duncan’s work in general.

Unfortunately it seems that enthusiasm was not shared by Sony Classic Pictures, that’ve been a bit lacklustre in getting behind their man with the Academy voters.

So I was happy to do my bit by sending a picture of my sad face for Brick Hardmeat’s emotional video appeal to the Academy. Whatever happens my friends, I helped to fight the good fight. Watch and embed if you want to lend a hand too.

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