Batman Dead End – great sci-fi moments number eight

I MEANT to put Batman Dead End up ages ago, but kept on forgetting.

Basically a supreme fan film with over two million hits on You Tube, it puts Bats in the middle as Predators and Aliens throw down in Gotham.

It is a beautiful piece of work by Sandy Collara and – while obviously influenced by the artwork of Alex Ross – sets a note perfect version of the Dark Knight that was not surpassed until The Dark Knight came out.

I would also add it is about …. oooh …. infinity better than the Alien vs Predator franchise that has reduced two great film monsters to vomit-inducing shadows of their former selves.

Without the sci-fi monsters, is Batman sci-fi? In my opinion, there are certainly futuristic elements to the Bat – most notably his wonderful toys – but I would say not.

But this is my blog so this is going in anyway.

Tell me what you think