Former Doctor Who Paul McGann gives up hope of Tardis reappearance

FORMER Doctor Who star Paul McGann revealed today he has given up hope of taking part in a rumoured reunion of actors who have played the Time Lord.

He said he had no expectations of ever returning to the role and claimed he has had no contact with the BBC since he left the set of a one-off TV movie in 1996 in which he made his only appearance.

There have been reports that the past Who actors were being rounded up for a Children In Need special, but McGann doubted he would ever return to the role.

The actor, who has never watched David Tennant as the Doctor, said: “It’s highly unlikely, because since I walked off that set in 1996, no one’s ever called me, I’ve never met these people.

“I’ve never been down to Cardiff and met what’s his face, Russell T Davies (who masterminded Doctor Who’s revival).

“So no, maybe haven’t they got my number. There’s always rumours, it’s nice to stoke the fire. I’m always hearing them.”

3 thoughts on “Former Doctor Who Paul McGann gives up hope of Tardis reappearance

  • MerseyMal


    Shame. He's absolutely fantastic in the big finish audios though.

  • Robin Brown


    Poor McGann, saddled with that terrible 90s TV Movie. I reckon he'll be in a special sooner or later. It all makes too much good commercial sense for it not to happen.

    And by the way, the old series was far better!

  • Jenny Mathis


    That's a shame but I actually love the new revival more than the old series.

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