My Doctor Who story for Big Finish

EXCITING TIMES at Scyfi Love Towers today as I submitted my first ever Doctor Who story for consideration.

Big Finish, who create audio stories for Doctor Who as well as loads of other series, put an open call on their website for anyone to pitch an idea for a tale about the fifth Doctor and Nyssa.

There were a few rules, such as it couldn’t feature other old companions or familiar monsters, but beyond that the world was my oyster.

Suitably inspired – as were thousands of others no doubt – I got my thinking cap on and bashed out my 500-word outline as well as a sample scene, about Liverpool,  mysterious tunnels and the Sonorum.

I have already had my email back from Nicholas Briggs and Alan Barnes at Big Finish, who will read through all the entries in February. The stories that catch their eye will go forward to be developed and maybe even made into one of four 25-minute episodes.

Although I haven’t done anything exactly like this before, I love the Who and figure I have just as good a chance as anyone else of making the cut. Even if I don’t though, it has been great fun writing a Doctor Who story.

Anyway, with the deadline for entries now gone, I’d be grateful for your good wishes – especially if your name is Moffatt and you want me to come and work with you in Cardiff.

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