Scyfi Love news juice – on army super walls, Time Lord boredom and Caprica

STARTING today, here’s a semi-regular round up of the cool science fiction stuff I don’t have time to blog about.

The idea is to throw one of these together every day or so for you to check out and explore – like a mad scientist thing.

If there is anything you think is worthy of inclusion in the news juice, drop me an email too at – this isn’t a dictatorship (well, maybe a benevolent dictatorship).

Click through for today’s cool stuff – the links are in the titles.

Cool looking super barrier to protect soldiers

GIZMODO reports the US Army has bought a special protective wall that troops can built inside 10 minutes to protect them from bullets and explosions and stuff. The walls, which click together without tools, can then be shaped how you want them.

It doesn’t say whether the enemy will watch in stunned fascination while this wall is being built (and not shred you with armour piercing rounds for kicks) but here’s hoping.

Worst of the Time Lords

IF you haven’t checked out this great series of Doctor Who cartoons yet, then get on it because they are very funny.

Portraying the Doctor as the type of man who cries himself to sleep every night over his rubbish life, this week’s offering is the Dalek Caan Fun Page. I especially like the Dalek crossword.

Is Caprica suffering because Battlestar Galactica ended so strangely?

Finally, a great post from @DarrenAlbert on his Genre Addict blog, asking why Caprica is struggling in the ratings in America.

He puts it down to the weirdness of BSG’s ending (you know, with angels and gods and Bob Dylan) which could have put people off. I’m reserving judgement for now until I’ve watched a few more, but this is well worth a read.

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One thought on “Scyfi Love news juice – on army super walls, Time Lord boredom and Caprica

  • Thanks for the kind words! But just to be clear, I’m not putting Caprica’s woes down to just the finale of BSG. All I’m saying is that the finale dampened many a fans spirits for all things BSG, the DVD The Plan rubbed salt into the wound, and I feel those events have driven some people not to bother with Caprica.

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