Comedy show ideas to liven up Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica universe

THE re-imagining of Battlestar Galactica into a dark, flawed, morally conflicted place has been a massive critical and commercial success.

It also resulted in some of the most amazing television – never mind science fiction television – I have watched in the past decade.

However, all that worthy soul searching means it can be a bit … dull at times, so I have come up with some programme ideas for Ron Moore, to liven things up a bit.

Your feedback, or ideas of your own, would be most welcome.

1) Down The Launch Tube

A comedy, focusing on Adama‘s early days in the Colonial Fleet as he tries to mould a rag-tag group of misfits into a fighting force. People in his unit include a camp pacifist, sex mad jock and closet Cylon sympathiser who keeps getting his dick caught in the kitchen toaster. Hilarious mishaps ensue.

2) Weekend at Boomer‘s

A gang of off duty pilots head to Boomer’s for a party. Hilarious mishaps ensue when they realise she is dead and go to outrageous lengths to convince other party guests she is alive. But then another Cylon Boomer comes back to replace the dead one and slaughters everyone mercilessly.

3) Caprica Nights

The first Cylon drone gains sentience and sets up business as a lifeguard, then as a private investigator, with comedy sidekick Stinky Larry, played by Rob Schneider. Hilarious mishaps ensue, until spending too long in Schneider’s company convinces it all humanity must die and it embarks on a bloody rampage, leading to the attack on the 12 colonies. Series tagline – he’s only hard on the outside

4) Viper

A comedy, focusing on the bunch of misfits Galactica turns to to pilot their Vipers when the frontline pilots are slaughtered, and their boss Louis, played by Danny de Vito. Hilarious mishaps ensue.

5) Last of the Summer Ambrosia

A group of battle-hardened veterans are called out of retirement for one last mission – a vital strike against the Cylons. Their plans keep failing through a variety of hilarious mishaps, including one team member’s hopeless romantic pursuit of President Roslin, rolling down the surface of a Cylon basestar in a bath and prostate trouble.

So there you have it – any better ideas (shouldn’t be too hard) gratefully received.

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