Scyfi Love News Juice – on Marty McFly sex tapes, cool luge pics, the space shuttle and Flash Forward

WHO would’ve believed it – two days on the run for Scyfi Love’s news juice, or cool stuff I found down the back of the internet.

A mixed bag today – if you spot anything which is worth going into to the juice, email me at

And why Princess Ardala? Hell, why not?! Click through for the goods.

Here we go!

Back to the Future sex tapes

Very funny video – College Humor wonder what if Marty had got busy with his mum outside the Enchantment Under The Sea dance?

Luge yourself

Great picture gallery from NBC New York of the United States’ luge team undergoing wind tunnel tests of their space age uniforms ahead of the winter Olympics.

I have always liked the luge, as it is a winter sport that you can enter involuntarily if you’re unlucky enough.

Blast Off

An awesome picture of the Space Shuttle heading for the International Space Station. As it looks mkore and more like Nasa are going to be cash-strapped over the next few years (and the shuttle is on the verge of retirement), it is a poignant image too.

Flash Forward’s new showrunning team

Jessika Borsiczky, Liza Zwerling and Tim Lea are the latest people in the Flash Forward showrunning chair, after David Goyer left for Batman 3 duties.

All three have loads of experience, but they will have to pull a rabbit out of a hat to get this turkey out of the emergency ward. Here’s a clue – get rid of all the boring stuff (i.e 99% of what we have seen so far)

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