When the Six Million Dollar Man and Action Man saved the world several times a day

SFX Magazine had a great feature on the Six Million Dollar Man this month, which set me thinking.

How many people had one of these when they were a lad? I know I did.

I had almost forgotten about my Six Million Dollar Man toy, which had the lot – the bionic eye you could look through, the bionic arm with special grip … erm … the red jumpsuit. Did I mention the eye?

I even had the bionic repair set which transformed into a spaceship which you could use – just like the programme – to repair him, pushing plastic bionic parts into his arm.

I’m not sure the show mentioned it, but did you know that Steve Austin was a close friend of Action Man? Oh yeah, they saved the world countless times in my grandma and grandad’s back garden, using the capture copter and the training tower against the Intruder. To a soundtrack in my head of bullets and bombs and explosions, and in reality of me going ‘na-na-na-na-na’ in my best impression of the bionic sound effect.

Like this, but with the Bionic Man as well.

Great stuff, that an entire generation of middle aged men will go all misty eyed about, and James May will make several tv programmes about, while also still being envious of the rich kid who had the full set which you would have given your entire family for.

Although if my sister was writing this, she’d be able to tell you how the Six Million Dollar man didn’t save the world, but instead settled down with Cindy and went horse riding and stuff.

Girls, eh!

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