Scyfi Love News Juice – Iron Man, Star Wars rock Toy Fair and Star Trek world record

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Toy Fair madness

Christmas came early at a Toy Fair in America as this years big hit toys were unveiled. Star Wars and Iron Man goodies were the must have goodiess on display.

To have a closer look, IO9 had a good round up of the best stuff, with pictures.

Gizmodo have some fantastic videos too, of a General Grievous revolving lightsaber and an enormous AT-AT walker toy that nine-year old me wants me to send back in time. Hell, 38-year-old me is already working out ways to explain buying it to my wife.

Finally, the Official Star Wars blog was trumpeting the new Boba Fett merchandise, which is good, but it’s no exclusive artwork is it lads?

Star Trek world record

Star Trek fan Charlotte Mason in costume

Star Trek fan Charlotte Mason in costume

THE world record for the number of Star Trek fans in uniform in the same place was broken at the weekend, at London’s Millennium Bridge.

Clocking in at a frankly ordinary 99 fans, the event was to promote Star Trek Online and surely won’t remain the record for long. Looks like fun though.

And one of the attendees was this smoking hot chicka in full Orien slave girl Trek costume. As Kirk would no doubt say, set phasers to stunning and come here while I teach you the Earth custom of kissing.

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