New Doctor Who trailer leaves me gobsmacked – what do you think? (VOTE)

I MISSED the new Doctor Who trailer on Saturday night owing to a prior appointment with the brilliant Ghost Stories and a delectable Thai meal.

When I caught up with it today, I was absolutely gobsmacked. Click through for the trailer.


Clearly, the days of the introspective lonely angel and Time Lord Victorious are over, with the Moff waving RTD and David Tennant away with one hand while cranking up the post-reneration fun-o-meter with the other.

When I had a look at the new promo picture, which this holds hands with, I said it may be part of a shift in the programme to make it feel younger.

This trailer confirms that all the way and is the biggest step so far in Moffatt setting his own mark on the show. Toe to toe with a Weeping Angel, floating in a vortex as aliens fly by – the Doctor has never been presented like this before. I bet my son, who is nine, will be blown away by it.

What is still open to debate for me and the Doctor’s – ahem – more mature fans is whether this is the right way to go, which will only be answered in April. And which is foreshadowed by the fact that within 15 minutes of Tennant and Eccleston getting the keys to the Tardis, they were the Doctor. Especially Tennant. No pressure then Matt.

In the meantime we are living in interesting times and I’m looking forward to watching this in 3D in the cinema – which it was clearly designed for.

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2 thoughts on “New Doctor Who trailer leaves me gobsmacked – what do you think? (VOTE)

  • M. A. Szadkowski


    I liked the trailer, it was fun. I am, however, becoming increasingly irritated with the nonstop “kiddies will be blown away…. my 9-year-old will love it” etc. emphasis in every interview I have seen so far in the Matt Smith tenure (I think he is marvelous and talented beyond his years) … the interviews with the suits, that is. Amy Pond (redheads rule) is the perfect companion for Matt’s Doctor; Karen’s timing is dynamite and I love her in the role. Yet she has been married off already by the end of the first series and the happy couple are honeymooning amongst the stars courtesy of the TARDIS. I continue to pine away for Christopher Eccleston’s smoldering acting style (and those yummy good looks), and I miss David Tennant’s bedroom eyes, but Matt is the Doctor now and doing a bang-up job so far. I reserve judgment on the tone of his tenure’s writing yet, until the end of next season, but I would hardly refer to Eccleston and Tennant’s tours as “Kid Stuff.” I didn’t think this modern Doctor Who would be geared towards the kiddies, nor did I expect a monk with a box; I was under the impression this was to be a show for mainly grownup fans. Is it the action figure market, or the fundamentalist-Bible Belt American market driving the good Doctor so tightly into celibacy? Cassandra had it right in the Tennant days (Not an exact quote): So many parts, and so seldom used….. sad thought for a young man like the new Doctor.

  • I’ll vote when there’s a WTF? option

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