Scyfi Love News Juice – bio printers, Iron man, cool fonts and Google secrets

HAS it been that long? The week’s first infusion of News Juice sets a high standard tho, with one item that left me gobsmacked.

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Here we go!

World’s first Bio Printer starts work

THIS is truly staggering – science fiction becomes fact with a machine capable of printing human body parts, using the body’s own cells so it won’t be rejected.

It can already print arteries which will be used in surgery within five years. More complex organs are expected to follow in 10 years.

Absolutely amazing.

Iron Man graphics

A great collection of graphics of Tony Stark in action – worth five minutes to have a browse.

Check the font

Thanks to @grahambandage for the heads up on this great site, which looks at popular fonts which were inspired by films. Great stuff for font geeks, or even former sub editors like me.

How Google works

Great piece in Wired magazine about how Google’s search algorithm works and is constantly tweaked to refine the results. Very interesting.

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