Top five worst science fiction politicians

BRITISH Prime Minister Gordon Brown and American President Barack Obama are very much in the firing line at the moment.

Brown, if you believe the increasingly tenuous accusations, is a horrible, ill tempered bully who would kick you in the groin sooner than look at you.

Obama, according to the right-wing Tea Party maniacs, is the reincarnation of Stalin who is trying to create the People’s Republic of America based on his hardline Communist beliefs of, erm,  providing a decent healthcare system.

Despite the criticism however, I think we have got off lightly compared to some of science fiction’s most high profile leaders. Here’s my top five.

What do you think?

5. President Lex Luthor

Taking office based on the previous Government’s mishandling of the Gotham earthquake crisis, and then leading the defence of Earth against Imperiex. On the face of it, President Luthor is the man and showed a lot of promise early in his term.

However the Gotham mix-ups were mainly caused by him, while he also knew about Imperiex’s advance and did nothing about it. He also got super space weapons from Darkseid after giving him the Doomsday monster.

I’m no West Wing-style political analyst, but I’m betting that wouldn’t play well with the focus groups. Plus, there’s the whole diabolical super villain thing to get over. He was deposed after three years when he confessed to his crimes while battling Superman and Batman.

4. President Adar

WHILE securing peace is important for any leader, it should not be accomplished by the extermination of your entire race.

However that’s what President Adar, the leader of the Ouorum of the 12 colonies, oversees in both imaginings of Battlestar Galactica.

First time around in the 1970s, an elderly Adar ignores 1000 Cylon raiders heading for the fleet by describing them as a welcoming committee (albeit after being advised by Baltar). That welcome takes the form of – oooh – a million laser bolts as the Colonial fleet is wiped out and the Colonies destroyed.

But hey, at least he looked good in the toga thing they wore back then.

In new BSG, Richard Adar only appeared briefly but long enough to be called a moron by Adama and reveal he was shagging Laura Roslin behind his wife’s back.

In both cases, their terms of office were ended by steel-coated Cylon death, which is how Gordon Brown feels when he looks across the dispatch box at David Cameron.

3. Gaius Baltar

They must put something in the water on Caprica, to elect not one, but two disasterous leaders.

Despite being massively responsible for the near destruction of the human race, Baltar won election against Laura Roslin and ordered the colonisation of new Caprica.

Once there he bravely led from the front by ignoring the difficulties of his people, shagging endless secretaries and then surrendering when the Cylons show up. Drawn by a nuclear blast of a bomb he gave to a cylon in the fleet.

That’s quite the resume, one made all the better by him ordering the execution of his fellow humans the cylons deemed to be troublemakers. Despite being despised by the Cylons and his own people, the despicable crap weasel somehow survived to the end of the show when it was revealed he was also an angel or something.

He was deposed when Commander Adama led a  mission to rescue the colonists.

2.  Harold Saxon

GORDON Brown may be a bully, but ask yourself this. Has he ever gassed his cabinet, murdered the US President and unleashed an amoral race of future-human killers on planet Earth from his floating aircraft carrier? Before ruling with an iron fist under the harshest martial law as he plots to conquer the galaxy?

While he may like to do that (and I’m pretty sure it is item three in the Conservative Party manifesto), Brown has some way to go to match Harold Saxon, aka the Master in Doctor Who.

In our defence for electing him, we were brainwashed by the Archangel satellite network, which Glenn Beck and his cohorts would have you believe Barack Obama is still using now.

He was deposed by the Doctor using the power of thought or something, which the neocons are researching for 2013.

1 The Emperor

ON the face of it, the perfect politician.

The junior senator from Naboo staged his rise to power flawlessly, bringing about the downfall of the Jedi almost before they realised it, wielding the terrible power of a Sith Lord and having a sidekick who would give Peter Mandelson a run for his money in the evil stakes.

He then ruled the galaxy with an unbreakable grip of cold fear for decades.

Plus he was able to talk anyone around to his political view, usually by firing lightning bolts from his hands.

However he had one fatal flaw. In his love of the grand gesture he kept building unneccesarily ultimate superweapons.

That were all shit. I mean, a thermal exhaust port? Really? And a central reactor that could be reached by any number of routes and ships?

Have you never heard of built in redundancies? Or even a lockable door?

He was deposed by being thrown down a chasm in his throne room (see fatal flaw, above) and meaning he ended up reduced to this.

And there it is. Your thoughts are most welcome.
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