Abbyshot 10th Doctor Coat – a final decision

DO you remember before Christmas, when I was entranced by Abbyshot’s fantastic Doctor Who coat?

Oh how I loved it, but could I justify the £200plus price tag to get it made and shipped from Canada?

I was still agonising and weighing it up when I met someone else, completely unexpectedly – his name is Boba and we’re very happy together.

Sorry Abbyshot!

Me, standing guard over my Boba Fett picture, with the certificate of authenticity

Me, standing guard over my Boba Fett picture, with the certificate of authenticity

You see, if I am going to spunk that much cash on science fiction frippery, I think I am done for the year now after buying the Christian Waggoner painting.

As sure as I am in the skill of Abbyshot’s craftsmen and women, I also bottled out over spending that much on a coat that I wasn’t able to try on first. (something of a false fear given the tales of coat joy they put up on their blog).

However, I had almost made my peace with the decision when I received a lovely e-mail from Mark at Abbyshot, out of the blue.

While it wasn’t to offer me a coat for free (that door is very much open!), Mark asked me if I ever bought the coat and related back to my original blog post when he said:

I have to say, the whole team here absolutely LOVED your blog post about our Tenth Doctor‘s Coat from back in December. It was so passionate, well-written, and (of course) flat-out hilarious that it literally left us crying from laughter. And proud, very proud too!

Flattery will get you everywhere Mark, except when my wife puts her foot down!

Who knows, in the future the coat may still be mine. In an alternate universe, other me is wearing the coat and loving it.

But in every universe, I have no hesitation in referring all sci-fi geeks and geekettes to Abbyshot’s website where they have just the best sci-fi coats I have ever seen.

Check them out and maybe buy one or two, and think of me when you do – gazing at my painting while wondering what the coat would have felt like.

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