Cool Tron Legacy trailer puts you in teh internet again – with hot cyber chicks!

THE new Tron Legacy teaser trailer is online now and boy does it look absolutely amazing – check it out.

First of all, how great is it to see Bruce Boxleitner back where he belongs? He has always been good value for money, ever since Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone, so it was a kick to see Alan return.

Secondly, the cyberspace itself has obviously moved on several generations from the original and looks cool too, especially the hot chicks and light cycles.

Having watched the original film only recently, one thing this doesn’t have is the sense of other worldliness that the first film possessed. That could be down to the new-look and also the soundtrack, which was very much 1980s  synthesiser back then and helped to take you away from the ‘real’ world.

And I want David Warner back for at least one scene where he can shout ‘bring in the logic probe!’

In any case, with the film not due out until December, the film’s creators have plenty of time to polish their MCPs between now and then.

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