New Doctor Who series press launch in Cardiff

SOMEWHERE, in another reality, other meĀ  has just finished interviewing Matt Smith and Karen Gillan at the BBC Doctor Who press launch for the new series in Cardiff, and had a blast.

Hell, somewhere else, other-other me has just finished speaking to the media ahead of his/my starring role in the new series of Doctor Who.

Unfortunately, in this reality I am stuck in work on the night shift, so have to just put up these two videos of the Doctor Who press launch before grumbling bitterly at the unfairness of it all that I am here and they are there. I hate other me.

Oh, and Auntie Beeb has also announced a Moffat-penned Christmas special will be shown this year, while series six will start filming this summer for 2011 broadcast.

Click through to watch the videos

Thanks to Radio Free Skaro for the heads up.

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3 thoughts on “New Doctor Who series press launch in Cardiff

  • Reginald Perrin


    Wow another white doctor is this the manifestation of the divine ? Or just the BBC emphasising only white people can become incarnations of the universal architect and other skin pigmented people are sidelined as his servants. This is the last bastion of an outdated and institutionally racist dogma, when will we see an Indian, African or Chinese doctor …….. it seems never.

    Wonder if someone complained that the Dr Who post failed equality and opportunity standards set by the laws of the land. How many people did the interview for this particular role, the genders, ethnicity etc, i guess he was hand picked by the nepotistic narcissistic claque within the BBC, nvm its nice to see where our license fee aka tax is going to pay more egotistical and banal actors.

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