Grazia augmented reality edition launched by Florence and the Machine

I’M not ordinarily a reader of Grazia, a fashion magazine in the UK, as anyone familiar with my sartorial style will tell you.

Not for nothing am I known as the black hole of fashion.

However, this week’s edition absolutely blew me away as it features awesome augmented reality to bring it to life before your eyes, as Florence and the Machine show below.

Check out what happens when you hold it up to a webcam or look at it with your IPhone.

Now that seems absolutely fricking super-cool to me, with limitless possibilities. Clips of films for Empire, Fernando Torres playing keepie-ups for Four-Four-Two, a special scene from new Doctor Who in SFX – you name it.

What’s more, this is only the beginning as other magazines and other publiations will rush to keep up.

Pretty soon you won’t even need the webcam as this will happen right off the newsstand with the advances in paper thin displays.

All in all, a jaw dropping moment which Grazia deserve massive kudos for. Read their article on how it happened here.

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