I love The Gadget Show – but especially Suzi Perry

I LOVE The Gadget Show!

Top gadgets, madcap stunts, great presenters in Jason Bradbury (enthusiastic), Ortis Deley (cool) and Jon Bentley (strange looking).

But no matter what they do – and last night’s real world re-creation of Call of Duty 2 was fantastic – my mind keeps on coming back to one thing …

Suzi Perry is smoking hot

Suzi Perry, picture c www.mikelawn.com

Oh Suzi Perry, it can never be. But I still thought I’d put this picture up for the dads.

A smoking hot babe who likes gadgets and games, rides motorbikes and helicopters and could probably drink most of us under the table while having a proper laugh. What’s not to love? No wonder Bradbury is always smiling.

Check out her website here.

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