Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour first scene – Matt Smith’s Doctor blasts into life

GERONIMO!! The opening scene from Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour starring Matt Smith has been seen on the BBC red button service and the Doctor Who website.

Here it is!!

First thoughts? Best ever first Doctor scene? Certainly the most exciting as he clings to hang on to an absolutely battered TARDIS for dear life. I bet the cleaners at Canary Wharf were pleased too when the TARDIS just missed, as they will only have just finished cleaning up from the Cybermen – Dalek tussle.

He’s just regenerated, it would be a shame to have to do it again!

Anyone know where his jacket is? Pretty sure he had it on the last time we saw him, although alot can happen in a TARDIS that’s that trashed.

Seven days to wait!

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