Steven Moffat confirmed as Doctor Who showrunner

AS I write this, I find I am so excited I can barely hold a thought in my head.

Steven Moffat has been confirmed as the new Doctor Who showrunner!

Never has the phrase ‘don’t blink’ – created by Moffat for the masterful episode Blink – been more true. I advise anyone not to take their eyes off the screen for a moment under his tenure – it will be awesome.
Russell T Davies deserves our thanks and admiration for re-energising Doctor Who in the way he has, with verve, skill and daring.
Under his guidance, Doctor Who has set new standards in story-telling, characterisation and entertainment.
It is common knowledge that he has re-written episodes penned by every other writer to ensure they fit into the Who mythology or the ongoing story arc.
Every other writer except one – Moffat – whose genius creations need no polishing, just a gasp of admiration.
He has turned simple phrases like ‘Are you my mummy?’ or noises like the ticking of a clock into nerve-shredding moments of horror.
Who can forget Sally Sparrow and friend realising they weren’t looking at the angel, only for it to lunge towards them?
And his Children in Need special with the timey-wimey stuff was inspired.
Imagine a whole series fuelled by that sort of creative elan.
Personally I can’t wait until his two parter – beginning with the Shadows In The Library – is broadcast this series, and then 2009 will seem like an age until 2010 comes around and his vision is realised.
The world of Who is in the best hands, and we should all be grateful.

3 thoughts on “Steven Moffat confirmed as Doctor Who showrunner

  • Captain Mac


    Noted oh pedantic one – ark becomes arc – must be Indiana Jones anticipation seeping into my blog!

  • Jo Grant


    Couldn’t agree more – great writer and his episodes have been head and shoulders above the virtually all the rest. Don’t forget his other work too – I thought Jekyll and Coupling were both underrated at the time.
    Oh, and if I can be pedantic, it’s story arc, not ark – unless the story in question involves rain for 40 days and 40 nights!

  • Graham Bandage


    Grand Moff Typin’

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