Hugo Award nominations announced – yay for Moon and Doctor Who!

THE 2010 Hugo Award nominations have been announced and if they had a category for the it is so their turn to win something award, then Moon and Russell T Davies would be a shoe-in.

Either through a studio’s indifference or through fanboy scepticism, the work of Duncan Jones and RTD have been overlooked for too long and that has to stop.

This time around Moon is up for Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form and three of RTD’s specials – The Next Doctor, Planet of the Dead and The Waters of Mars – for short form. You can buy the Doctor Who specials DVD by clicking here.

For Moon, victory over Avatar, District 9 and Up would be a long overdue reward for a truly fantastic and thought provoking film.

It was a real labour of love for director Duncan Jones, who still found the time in his busy schedule to chat with me. That love was recognised by a massive number of people around the world who supported the film from day one, as well as a best newcomer BAFTA.

Even my wife Pam – who hates sci-fi – sat through it and enjoyed it.

But it was ignored by Sony Classic pictures who refused to send out screening DVDs to Oscar voters as they were worried they would be copied, thereby ensuring it didn’t get nominated. It has also been overshadowed by the pretty but shallow Avatar which has unfairly vacuumed up nearly every major trinket going.

As for Russell T Davies, he deserves a special award for his massive contribution to transforming Doctor Who from a beloved curio to a sci-fi juggernaut made of pure awesome.

But it seems that too many haters on the interwebs think Who succeeded despite him, not because of him. To me this is just wrong and anyone who reads The Writer’s Tale will see the amount of time and effort he put in to every aspect of Doctor Who’s production.

Of the three episodes nominated, The Waters of Mars has to be favourite for the prize as a) its better than the other two Whos up for the prize and b) both Dollhouse and Flash Forward are rubbish. (oh, and c) Steven Moffat hasn’t got anything in this year)

As for the other categories, I can only claim a massive science fiction blind spot although I have read Boneshaker by Cherie Priest, which was a great read but not top draw I thought.

Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader was also typically original work from Neil Gaiman but after that, I’m out. Sorry.

Anyway, fingers crossed that Moon and RTD come through.

The Hugo winners will be announced on September 5 2010 at Aussiecon 4.

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3 thoughts on “Hugo Award nominations announced – yay for Moon and Doctor Who!

  • Have you seen Epitaph One? It’s rather better than much of the rest of Dollhouse which is presumably why it was nominated. Still, Waters of Mars for the win obviously.
    .-= Stuart Ian Burns´s last blog ..miniblog archive =-.

    • I can’t forgive Whedon for the rest of Dollhouse, although I admit I haven’t seen Epitaph One. I’d given up on it by then. Do you think it’s mysterious status will give it some kudos?

    • OK, now I’ve seen it and it is fantastic and like you sat Stuart, better than the rest of Dollhouse (damning with faint praise there) but I’d still pick Waters of Mars

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