New Star Wars Robot Chicken sitcom makes me fear the worst

BY NOW you will have heard the news that George Lucas has green-lighted a Star Wars animated sit-com, to be created by the Robot Chicken team – Seth Green, Mathew Senreich and Douglas Goldstein.

I love Robot Chicken! So why does this announcement feel like a lightsaber swing to the crotch?

Two words – George Lucas.

Robot Chicken was so cool because it was made by people like us, who understood  Star Wars and had actual feelings for the films and the characters.

They could also do pretty much what they wanted, which resulted in clips like the one above and this one below.

Enter Lucas and his droid army from the Skywalker ranch, who will almost certainly squeeze any bit of edge and originality out of whatever they end up with in order to ensure the sit-com can hoover up the broadest possible amount of cash.

A bit cynical? You can blame experience for that.

I’d add that this is almost certainly another step on the path to the inevitable remakes of the original films. I give it a year, two tops.

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