Iron Man 2 viral websites for Stark Expo 2010 and Accutech build the film’s world

I AM a sucker for viral websites connected to film and TV shows, as I blogged about when the The Dark Knight and District 9 set the bar for that kind of thing super-high.

Jon Favreau and his team behind Iron Man 2 are doing the same, first with their Stark Expo 2010 site and now with their Accutech exo-skeleton pitch site too.

Click through for a couple of videos from those sites.

When it is done well, this really lifts a film off the screen by creating something that fleshes out the world a film exists in and making it feel more real and involving.

For instance in The Dark Knight, websites about a Gotham bank or the local ferries were not that exciting in and of themselves, but worked together to add layers of depth and make the likes of me feel part of that world, especially when the Joker started to mess them up.

With a few weeks to go, I wonder what else Fareau and his gang have got up their sleeves to draw us in?

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