Heroes lesbian kiss Claire Bennet storyline is desperate grab for viewers …. but, hot damn!

Hayden Panettiere character Claire Bennet's lesbian kiss in Heroes

Regular readers of this blog will know that I gave up on Heroes a long time ago, but if anything could draw me back as a serious science fiction honcho, then it is hot lesbian cheerleaders at college kissing each other.

Yes, the picture of Claire Bennet – aka Hayden Panettiere – kissing her college friend is a transparent and desperate attempt to increase viewing figures by a show that must be close to its last legs.

I know this, but I can’t help but send a Scyfilove well done to the bloke – it has to be a man – who thought up this storyline. Based on this, Claire’s superpower seems to have changed from healing herself to making me feel kind of funny, like when I was climbing the ropes in PE.

As … erm … interesting as it is, the pic shows how far Heroes has fallen. Once I was a true believer and was excited to see a science fiction/fantasy show on the box that was well written, exciting and a real event. Must watch stuff.

But after series one, Heroes lost its way big time – too many characters, people dying then coming back, family members appearing and disappearing – it just became a big mess, with no real idea where it was going.

Since then, every new series has been touted as ‘the one’ which will return to that first flush of success, and so far, they have all been crap.

I’m sure this new one will be just as poor, but at least it has some girl on girl action in it to ensure that if the plug is pulled on Heroes, it will go down swinging.

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