Geek-gasm to end all geekgasms!

LIFE, at times, can be dull – a humdrum day at work, chilling out at home, bla bla bla.

But sometimes, just sometimes, something explodes into being with the force of a nuclear blast, singes your eyeballs with its radiance and makes you call excitedly around your friends and clear your social schedule for the next three Saturday nights.

Such a thing is this picture, emailed to me by my friend Graham Bandage.

OH. MY. GOD!!!!! I have never seen anything this cool in my life!

When I heard the rumour of RTD bringing back every assistant for this series’ finale, I had my doubts, but just looking at this image has eradicated them immediately.

It just seems so right, and great to see the gang together – Captain Jack is even on bended knee in front of the doctor! Classic RTD!

I didn’t think it was possible to be anymore excited about the final three episodes, but this picture has rocked my world.

Alonsy Doc!

4 thoughts on “Geek-gasm to end all geekgasms!

  • Rachel Noy


    “Blogger Captain Mac said…

    This isn’t related to your post, more to the Star Wars costumes you have been known to wear, and which my friend Mr Bandage has been quick to point out.

    Do you have any more examples from the World of Wars-craft? (See what i did there!)”

    I’m sorry, I’m not sure where to put this reply!

    Haha, World of Wars-craft, very good. =P I’ve done a Twi’Lek twice, but the orange one was the better one. I don’t think there are any photos of the other one. The amount of photos there are for the orange Twi more than make up for it anyway! I wanted to join the 501st costume group, but all the canon Twis are scantily dressed and I really don’t have the belly for it! xD Have you ever gone to a Star Wars convention, or is that a bit TOO geeky for the geek.
    I see you have a saber too, very nice, I have the Windu one. =]

    Doctor Who tonight, yay!

  • the orange monkey


    The last few Whos have been brilliant, possibly the best run since the series came back. That two-parter, followed by the tightness of the standalone RTD episode and now what is shaping up to be a brillant three-parter. I’m loving it at the moment.

  • Alison Gow


    I am beaten. In future, whenever I am accused of being a geek (which is frequently) I will explain I merely have a mild social network habit, then point the accuser at your blog for a good read. After which they will, no doubt, either try to kill you or join your cult.

  • Rachel Noy


    Thanks for the welcome, and I do try.

    Also, thanks for this blog, not heard ANYTHING about this, and upon seeing that photo my reaction was basically a massive “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”
    I love Dr Who. *sigh*

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