The Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool to return

DURING the golden age of Liverpool theatre, the genius Ken Campbell set up the Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool and performed the Illuminatus Trilogy in an energy-sapping eight-hour extravaganza.

Brilliantly, this show – starring a young Jim Broadbent among others – was staged not at a theatre, but upstairs at a ramshackle warehouse on Mathew Street. (Coincidentally, that warehouse is now a pub where my sci-fi pub crawl starts on Saturday – click here to find out more about that).

The warehouse became the Liverpool School of Language, Music, Dream and Pun and on November 23 1976, with Bill Drummond from the KLF designing sets and a young Ian Broudie on guitar, The Illuminatus Trilogy opened to dazzling reviews.

It was transferred to the National Theatre and since then, it has remained a fascinating footnote in Liverpool’s sci-fi history, until today when I saw this….

The All New Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool

The All New Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool

Yep, it’s back, but apart from that I know absolutely nothing about it. It is still tremendously exciting though.

Keep an eye on the website to find out more as and when it is announced.

I would add as well that whoever is behind this has their work cut out to match their amazing, trail-blazing predecessors.

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