Watch Mr Bojagi and Desert Story short science fiction films

ONE of the cool things about doing this blog is I get sent cool sci-fi films to look at and enjoy, often made on a budget by aspiring film-makers.

Here are two of the latest ones – hope you like them!

First up is Mr Bojagi, a science fiction fantasy starring the always awesome Brian Blessed as the titular character who uses his mind-reading machine to help people choose the perfect present.

Anything with Blessed in is an automatic win to me and the film has already picked up a raft of awards, as well as being shown abroad. The website is here and the entire film will be released online from May 14 for two weeks at Dailymotion.

You can also watch Desert Story, a Fallout-inspired post-apocolyptic dark comedy about – according to the makers – a man trying to get some hookers. Stylish, if you can get past the collection of strange accents.

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