Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf?

I KNEW it was coming – anyone who had even a passing interest in Doctor Who did.

Companion overload, Daleks, yes, even Dave Ross – I knew it all.

But that still didn’t prepare me for what was the latest fantastic episode of this best of all series.

At last the Daleks were actually threatening and evil, led by a truly horrific master – my son actually hid behind the couch when he unbuttoned his top! I nearly joined him!

I loved the attack across Earth, with New York being destroyed and The Valiant falling to a Dalek swarm. I loved the planets in the sky and the Judoon chat.

I loved the subwave network, Harriet Jones – with even the Daleks saying then knew who she was – and the interaction between all the different parts of the doctor’s life.

But most of all I loved the cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers. Have you seen it yet? You must have, but if not I’ll write the next bit in invisotext – highlight it to see.

Rose – the Doctor, running towards each other, the doctor being shot by a Dalek! And then … regeneration!!!

Have the BBC managed to keep the secret of secrets from us, for all this time? Is it the end for Doctor Dave?

On the whole I think not, given that I’ve heard about Tennant filming Christmas special stuff, and committing to the special editions in 2009. However, I can’t really say that with any certainty.

What I have hard on the rumour vine is that there may be more than one doctor next week – Sylvester McCoy was sited on Confidential, which – when combined with Dalek Caan’s prophecy of the threeform man – leads me to think he may be popping up, maybe with Peter Davidson.

On top of that the fact they are out of sync with the rest of the universe, at a place where the doctor has a bit of previous – the famed Medusa Cascade – leaves us in a place where anything is possible.

Roll on next week – and for a bit of a preview, click on the blog title and then the little picture of Dave Ross on the right hand side of the screen!

Tell me what you think