Christopher Nolan’s Inception takes me back to the 1980s … in Dreamscape

I’VE been late catching up to Christopher Nolan‘s latest film, Inception, but based on the trailer it looks pretty damn cool.

Starring Leo Di Caprio – as well as Nolan favourites Michael Caine and Cillian Murphy – its premise is a thief stealing secrets from people’s dreams using technology, backed up by what looks like top of the line special effects and no doubt Nolan’s familiar cerebral brand of thrills.

Tom Berenger is in it too! I love Tom Berenger, ever since Major League!

But I couldn’t help thinking hadn’t I seen something like this before?

Ladies and gentlemen I give you Dreamscape!

This under-rated horror from 1984 stars Dennis Quaid as a psychic who takes part in a Government project to – sounds familiar – enter people’s dreams. When people start dying in their sleep, he starts to think a fellow dream-walker is murdering them, and 1980s mayhem ensues.

Aside from having one of the greatest voiceovers I have ever heard, this was a solid thriller with – for the time – good special effects and a tidy cast. Look how young Max Von Sydow is!

It also shows just how old I am to have fond memories of a film from 1984, when, for the record, I was 12.

That’s by the by though and while I’m sure Nolan’s film will be tremendous, Quaid and the gang got there first!

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4 thoughts on “Christopher Nolan’s Inception takes me back to the 1980s … in Dreamscape

  • Keith


    @cain man you couldn’t be more wrong, the movies are exactly the same in fact, baring years distance one could even argue that Inception could have been(if not for name changes) an exact sequel to Dreamscape. The after story of Quaid and his girl friend after they escaped on the train. The actual use of the power and technology and not needing as much of it years later is entirely irrelevant (killing or stealing or finding out secrets to destroy a company, are in no way different); or at least just a rational progression. It would be no different than us, maybe not needing literal paper magazines one day.

  • *Inception vs. Dreamscape*

    I have watched both movies.
    Aside from the fact that in both films it is to penetrate a particular person’s dreams, they are entirely different.
    Different both in plot and with questions that raise.

    I notice that many people compare “Inception” with films like “The Matrix”, “Dreamscape”, and have not even seen it – by this logic it looks like “Repo Men” too

    Here’s where the relationship between Dreamscape and Inception goes.
    – A group of people have found a way to penetrate into people’s dreams.
    From there onwards the concept of both movies is changing.
    To what extent Dreamscape talks about generating ideas, secrets and these are the main threads of the film. Where in Inception we saw killer?
    Inception is a multi-faceted as the genre, plot and ideas that awakens.
    While Dreamscape is a classic fiction, have some similarity, but it is a completely different films – even less for a remake of Dreamscape

    What is its similarity to The Matrix?
    – Slowmotion shootouts.
    Consider that this is a sign placed by the director to be able to distinguish dreams! Imagine what mess would happen if all dreams seemed in one way. Also in the movie was said that in any dream level time runs slower, right;)

    These are movies from different classes, Dreamscape was the first with the idea of dreams, but it costs nothing to Inception and everything that film is!
    Consider even the atmosphere of these films and feel the difference.

  • richard


    ps.. cant wait to see Inception. Am avoiding as many spoilers as possible!

  • richard


    ahem: see also The Duelling Machine by Ben Bova.. ; )

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