JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg’s Super 8 begins the viral marketing dance of seven veils

IN CASE you hadn’t seen it yet, that was the teaser trailer of Super 8 – a sci-fi/alien monster (I think) film coming out next year directed by JJ Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg.

Looks exciting doesn’t it, what with the references to Area 51, and the radio chatter talking about Groom Lake, its actual name, as well as the enormous railway crash and something smashing its way out of a railway carriage. I don’t think it’s the conductor.

But this being JJ Abrams, a film wouldn’t be a film without a massive, intricate and obtuse viral marketing campaign gradually revealing more and more if you are a) clever enough or b) bothered enough to follow it, just like he did for Cloverfield and Star Trek.

So take a deep breath and here we go.

A website has been discovered called scariestthingieversaw.com which brings up a computer screen that encourages you to answer Y to its Y/N questions. Eventually it ends, leaving you with the choice of a series of commands.

Only one works – PRINT RSCOM8 – which leads to a double page print out in which a hidden message about going underground is apparently revealed.

It also mentions Rocket Poppeteers ice lollies, which has its own placeholder website standing by, presumably for activation nearer to the release date.

For more information on the viral dance, head on over to WikiBruce or Unfiction, who have analysed this in forensic detail and deserve our thanks for that.

I wonder what Spielberg makes of it all? Reading back on how chaotic a shoot Jaws was, I doubt he’d have had the time, but just imagine the fun he could have had creating the Amity tourist board website, or Amity PD, or Quint’s Shark Fishing trips.

How about a site for the UFO fans in Close Encounters, or Devil’s Tower, or the government department chasing aliens in ET?

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