Read Leigh Brackett’s original The Empire Strikes Back script ahead of the 30th anniversary

THE 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back is fast approaching – May 21 2010.

It is one of the favourite films at Scyfi Love Towers and rightly lauded for its dark and adult journey through the Star Wars universe.

Credit for that goes to director Irwin Kerschner for his determination to focus on character, but also to Leigh Brackett.

Leigh who? She was an author and screenwriter who famously co-wrote The Big Sleep with William Faulkner, but whose real passion was science fiction, especially stories of Mars.

George Lucas asked her to produce a screenplay for Empire based on his story, and she handed it in in 1978, shortly before her death from cancer.

In it Han is tasked with meeting his stepfather and the Wampa ice creatures are far more malevolent, being described as moving through ice like sharks through water. They even attack the Rebel base during the Imperial attack, as soldiers are cocooned in ice – sounds cool eh.

There is no Boba Fett or carbon freezing, but Lando Calrissian is there, as Lando Kadar, a clone, who looks after Cloud City with the help on the indiginous populace, the cloud people. Oh, and Yoda is called Minch, and he fights a ghostly Ben Kenobi with lightsabers to show Luke he is who he says he is.

Subsequent redrafts mean alot of her vision was changed in the version that made the big screen, although the structure and feel is exactly the same and it is fascinating to read.

Click the link below to go through to the script page, then click the link again to read it.

Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back (Leigh Brackett Draft)

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