There’s something about Donna

FOLLOWING on from my Doctor Who gushfest, a chat with Graham Bandage and Barrie Mills in work about the show has made me think more about Donna.
I’ll admit I was blinded by the ‘Am I Bovvered?!’ hate fest that surrounded the announcement of Catherine Tate stepping into the Tardis full time – one bloke I know has spent the past 12 weeks dreaming up ever more elaborate deaths (on the show) for her character.
Despite that, I have enjoyed her performances more and more as the series has continued, as she brought some real depth and subtlety to Donna, never more so than when she faced her own death in the circle of mirrors in Turn Left.
But maybe that initial dislike has prevented me from looking too closely for the seeds RTD has no doubt been planting. I mean the ones beyond ‘she’s in for a nasty fate’.

But if you look, they are there – and they seem to be taking on more and more significance, at least in my diseased mind as it desperately tries to avoid thinking about work.
In no particular order:
* She flew the Tardis – only for a second, but she did fly it – the only companion to do so (without absorbing the time vortex), with the Doctor saying that he couldn’t believe it.
* Sitting on the steps in the Shadow Proclamation in Saturday’s episode, she heard what could have been a heartbeat – but also sounded remarkably similar to the sound of drums the Master heard in the last series.
* She keeps saying ‘I’m just a temp’ – which to me has two meanings beyond the obvious. One is that the latin word for time is tempus, and the other being that she is temporary, so just filling in for the real person
* When taken over by the trickster beetle, she created a whole alternate universe – something that doesn’t happen normally, the doctor said (he also said she has too much coincidence about her), and something which frightened the fortune teller, who commented on how strong she was.

I’m sure there are probably tons more that I haven’t seen.

So, that leads me to believe that there is much more to Donna than the companion equivalent of Marmite – I think she is another chameleon-arched Time Lord.

I may be massively wrong and I don’t know this for certain – it’s all supposition and deduction. But if I’m right – which one?

I would like it to be Romana or even Susan, the doctor’s grand-daughter – that would be a wonderful pay off.

But, in what may be one final hint from RTD, or one final example of me thinking too deeply about this and needing to get a life, there is her name – Donna (meaning lady) and Noble, which means aristocratic.

So what, you say? (What you probably say is fuck off and stop wasting our time, loser!)

So this – what is the meaning of Rani again?

2 thoughts on “There’s something about Donna

  • The temp


    The fortune teller said to Donna “What have you become?”, lending weight to your Chameleon Arch theory. Ooh I’ve got chills!

  • how cod rot


    Not sure what this proves, but in literary/mythic tradiiton, when someone takes the left-hand path, i.e. Turns to the Left, or the sinister path, they are entering the world of ghosts, goblins, demons, etc …

    Just one to think about!

    And you’ve done the whole ‘Donna Noble’/’Noble Woman’/ thing, haven’t you?

    And … just because I like it …

    The Sick Rose by William Blake

    O Rose, thou art sick!
    The invisible worm
    That flies in the night,
    In the howling storm,

    Has found out thy bed
    Of crimson joy:
    And his dark secret love
    Does thy life destroy.

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