My starring role with Doctor Who and Amy Pond

I NEVER normally watch Doctor Who Confidential but a Facebook message from my mate Barrie made me change my mind.

‘You’re on it’ he said, and as the show covered the Doctor Who tour around Britain, there I was – my brief but memorable scene alongside Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. You can see it here, 27 and a bit minutes in, if you’re bothered

Me (circled) in Doctor Who Confidential

Me (circled) in Doctor Who Confidential

As you can see, when the tour bus pulled up alongside the Lowry in Salford I played the challenging and key role of ‘geek in crowd wearing hat’ as Matt and Karen, with their backs to camera, got off the bus.

Me, the Doctor and Amy Pond – together at last.

I’d gone along to cover the tour and watch The Eleventh Hour for this blog. It was a great day and you can see my blog post and video (including the opposite shot to the one above) by clicking here.

But rest assured that in the future, this brief glimpse will transform into a story about that time I starred on Doctor Who. You’ll back me up on that, right?

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