Words I have wrote

BECAUSE I am sooo down with this whole web 2.0 thing, I decided to create my own wordcloud (and I was bored, it’s Sunday, give me a break!)

Basically this programme called Wordle looked at everything I have written and pulled out the most used words.

You can look at it on the left of my blogpage – I think it looks ace, but I would.

Obviously one word jumps out but I wouldn’t have been much of a sci-fi blogger if it didn’t, given what happened on Saturday night (So fuck you – how dare you judge me!!)

On the other hand, it could also show I have been relying on one programme for most of my posts, and now it’s stopped, I’m up shit creek.

Either way, it will be interesting (to me anyway – again, fuck you!) to see how it changes when I have another go in a few Who-less months.

Presumably, using the word fuck three times in this post will already have pushed it into the cloud, but that’s for next time – it’ll give you something to look forward to.

Fuck – there’s another, just to make sure.

Tell me what you think